Great quality cardamom grows in the Andes. We have exported cardamom to Europe since 2008.

Our cardamom not only has great flavor and aroma, but also an intense green and vibrant color.

We offer whole, decorticated or ground.

Organic certified by Ecocert


We offer cardamom essential oil that is steam destilled in our own facility. Our oil has an intense flavor and aroma.

Organic certified by Ecocert


Bee honey is a natural product with a lot of potential in Colombia.

We are beekeepers working with own apiaries, looking to develop projects to work with allied beekeepers.

Bees are not only important for the environment and our survival, they increase the production of some of the crops and also produce great and healthy food. Our bees are in forests, away from comercial crops, free of pesticides and we work based on a great respect for our golden insect.

We offer multifloral honey, from Colombian different ecosystems.

Currently in process to obtain organic certification.


Vanilla is native in Colombia and grows very well in the limit of native forest and savvanahs.

There is great potential in Colombia to develop projects with vanilla.

Bioandes works small holder farmers and educates them on the organic vanilla cultivation.

We only pick the ripe fruits and cure them for at least 8 months, so their great flavor and aroma thanks to the vanillin is developed.

We have very limited quantities.


Colombian tonka is sourced in Orinoquia region. We work directly with indigenous and peasant collectors very season.

Tonka is dried and cristalized by Bioandes.

Crop in the region is from January to March.

We have very limited quantities.


This small tree produces a red-orange pigment from the seeds, that are used as food condiment, and colorant for food, drugs and cosmetics. The color is produced by the chemical compounds bixine and norbixine.

The importance of annatto is growing, due to the increasing demand for natural color alternative to artificial additives and this also has to comply with sustainability and ethical practices.


Colombia produces fine aroma cacao and it is being recognized world wide for its great quality.

We work with allied small holder farmers for both organic and conventional cacao, produced sustainably and under shadow in different regions of Colombia.

Our cacao is a blend of good quality selected varieties

Bioandes can supply organic cacao beans and conventional nibs, husk liquor, refined.


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