Bioandes is a family owned business, funded in 2004.

Colombia is a megadiverse country that has strategic ecosystems everywhere. It is both at the same time Caribbean and Pacific, Orinoco and Amazon, biogeographical Chocó and Andean country, and for this reason it requires an agriculture based on the advantages of the biodiversity.

Since we are proud of our colombian biodiversity, our products come from different ecosistems in our country.

We promote organic and regenerative agriculture and organic beekeeping while we improve the quality of life of our farmers.

We educate in Colombia on the organic regenerative farming and how it is connected with the health of the people and the environment, the food security, biodiversity loss and climate change.


Our goal is to become an inspiration in Colombia on how to positively impact the environment and the farmers with products for consious customers in high value marktets.

Only offer organic certified products, from protected areas. Become a leader exporter of premium quality natural and organic ingredients from Colombia.

Inspire everyday more farmers to care and protect the environment.

Increase areas of protected forests for the bees.

Add more products to the portafolio every day.

Bioandes expects to become a leader company in the development of sustainable agricultural projects with smallholder farmers and communities of farmers through projects that involve human and social development, food security, regenerative agriculture, organic certifications and highly efficient processes


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